Thursday, March 15, 2018

Ahem T13

thank you to Mr. L for the last minute idea

1. Day by Day
2. Boxing Day
3. Any Day Now
4. What a Day for a DayDream
5. Day of  Reckoning
6. Bank Holiday
7. Days in May
8. Days a Week
9. Day of Discovery
10. Show and Tell Day
11. Birthday
12. Days of Christmas
13. Billy Sunday

Go here for more T13s

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

And so it snows, tiddly pom, and so it blows, tiddly pom...

a measured 18" of snow, my husband's beloved Bobcat won't start, he can't get his Big Truck with plow to start, and he has just mushed out of here with his regular truck, making an awesome set of  1/2 mile long snow tracks all the way down.

he's a funny guy.  weather doesn't bother him, as long as he knows he can get out.  He was very close to panic this morning (I found out when I picked up the wrong shovel and we Had Words about it), because he gets a kind of wide ranging claustrophobia about this.  Some people cannot ride in elevators without tranquilizers, I seriously dislike guided  tours under boulders called "Fat Lady's Lament" and the lemon squeezer (hahahaha),  because the idea of being under one of those when the long awaited earthquake hits...

and he gets edgy if he thinks he can't get out of the driveway.  To be fair, if we can't get out, helpers can't get in, and the broken leg would just have to heal itself. I can understand his feeling.

So now at least he can get out. Probably. It's been a half hour, and I've not seen him walking back, so at least Down is an option.  In and UP may not be. Damn I love living here.

Im also putting off the idea of raking off the roof. I keep telling myself, hey, it's warmed up, maybe some of it will melt off and we can see out the upstairs windows again...then I think, hey, it's warmed up, I hope it doesnt drip  into the house....

Still snowing, by the way.

I see Steven Hawkings died today. How sad. He died, most appropriately, on Pi Day, which is also the anniversary of Einstein's birth, and was born in 1942 on the 300th anniversary of Gallileo's death

I suppose by now we could all, with a bit of digging,  find that everyone of us was born or will die on the anniversary of a major birth, death, or cataclysm, but it is an interesting bit to know.

Saturday, March 10, 2018

One more step

--And tomorrow we all arise in the dark, groggy, thinking, 'what...'  and realize, if we were good bunnies the previous night, it is now what time it's supposed to be and not what it was.

I rejoice in the later afternoon light, but mourn the loss of the morning light.

Some people just can't be pleased, can they.   I propose we do away with dark altogether, and that would wipe out the whole problem, right there.  😎

I just lost this entire week (6WS)

--and suddenly woke up to the fact last night that it was Friday and I had sailed through the entire week with only two memories of any anchorlike importance;  Thursday Thirteen, and Six word Saturday.  If I wasn't looking at those I'd still be wondering what month it was. Or what year.

I fear turning into my mother, who during her last days at home took to crossing off all the days of the new month when she turned over the calendar page.When asked why, she said, "So I won't have to worry about what day it is."


Thursday, March 1, 2018

Thirteen suggestions for a modern world

1.  The earth is your home.  Keep it clean, and leave it neater than
it was when you arrived.

2.  Make small footprints, but make them matter.

3.  Be kind to children, animals, and the elderly. 

4.  Learn to listen, not just hear.

5.  We are all connected, root and bone, to everything on the planet.  Remember that when you cut down a tree, or  a bush, or a small animal. 

6.  If you don't need it, don't take it. 

7. Death is the final chapter. Understand that, and embrace the life you have, it's all you're going to get.

8.  Give back.  

9.  Don't gossip.

10.  Be kind to yourself. You are all you have, all you will ever have, and if you abuse the body, the heart, the mind,  you have no one but yourself to answer to.

11.  Be flexible.  Different is not necessarily bad or wrong or evil.

12. Look at life in a two-way mirror.  You're not the only one on the road, after all.

13.  Find the humor.  It's almost always there, somewhere.

Thursday, February 22, 2018

If I ever disappear, this will probably be why

It used to be much more complicated, and much simpler at the same time.  You really ran your computer.  You handled downloads, you pushed buttons, you tried stuff.  Like kids who used to be able to field strip a motor and rebuild it,  we felt like we were in charge.

Not no more, nope. The computers now do all the heavy lifting for you, and when something goes wrong, you're truly up that famous creek with one paddle and a rapidly escalating heart rate.

pushed the wrong button in chrome tonight and have been fighting the backwash ever since; Chrome is the engine that Blogger works from, but Yahoo is the place where my email addy for Blogger lives;  and all three of them have been doing this manic password dance all night and if I don't show up for a few days, please, im somewhere.  Just not sure where.

and in the midst of all this excitement Toby my mouser extraordinaire (one mouse a day every day could add up to more mice in this house than I ever want to know about)brought me  the fattest mouse I have ever seen, still waggling it's feet in his mouth, and he looked at me (the cat, not the mouse) and dropped it, and ran away.  Having been bitten by angry mice before, I hesitated about picking the mouse up, so now he's off somewhere waiting for the next chapter in  his very short life.

At least it stopped snowing. There is that.

Weather or Not We're Stuck With It T13 x 2


1. snow
2. sleet
3. ice
4. snow
5. cold
6. really really cold
7. January thaw
8. dark too early
9. dark too late
10. snow more
11. roof rake
12. roof leak
13. icicles


1. false hopes
2. spring snow
3. snow on top of mud
4. melting
5. warm for one day (called 'don't get used to it" weather)
6. ice out
7. fog-on-snow
8. ice storms
9. power outages (see #7, ice storms)
10.  kinda nice for ten minutes
11. mud
12. there's a solstice in there somewhere
13. surprised jonquils

Thursday 13

Thursday, February 15, 2018

A definite maybe (T13)

1.Are you sure?

2. I'm probably not going

3. Maybe, maybe not

4. Perhaps

5. we'll see

6. Ask me in a week

7. Don't hold your breath on this one

8. Only if they ask me personally

9. Shrug

10. It's up to you

11. Not if it's raining

12. It's too early to say for sure

13. Ask your father


Monday, February 12, 2018

just curious:

I've been having trouble (as have many Bloggers) both reading/posting on my own blog and others. It ain't Us, it's Them, and I'm wondering if the dearth of posts (for ANY reason) is because of this.  This isn't  a begging letter, just curious if  I've somehow hit a disconnect in the process.

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Unbreakable Rules of the Definite Cat (6WS)

  All your cartons belong to us

 If it's on the table, we get to approve it, play with it, or sit on it

We sleeps where we sleeps, okay? 


 They are all our pillows

 There is nothing like a solid stare to establish supremacy

Thursday, February 8, 2018

poem T13

I can get through
the days
but the nights
have become

Saturday, February 3, 2018

6 X 6 well sorta...(6WS)

etta james dean martin luther burbank california

buffalo bob dylan thomas jefferson davis love

neil diamond lil debbie  harry truman capote

jean arthur miller light fantastic four

stephen foster brooks brothers four tops

I can't find the current 6WS link, so this will have to be in name only. Boo. 

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Ear Worms (T13)

1. Happy Trails to You
2. Bibbity Bobbity Boo
3. The Chipmunk Song (s)
4. The Sound of Music
5. Memories
6. Yankee Doodle
7. Holly Jolly Christmas
8. Twelve Days of Christmas
9. Happy Birthday to You
10. Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer
11. Under the Boardwalk
12. Hiho Hiho Hiho
13. The Mickey Mouse Club theme song

and as a special bonus, I'll throw in "They Call the Wind Maria" at no extra charge.


Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Red Tailed Hawk

He lives here, somewhere in the neighboring forest.  This was about 30 feet away in the pear tree. That close, he looks a LOT bigger than he did...he's back to, looking over his shoulder but you can see the beak and the mottled wings.  The bird guide says they will take housecats, which I doubted until I saw the size of him. Not that heavy, barely a pound of bird there, but not much would stand a chance with those talons and that beak.

Saturday, January 27, 2018

The days are getting longer every day

sunrise and sunset are beginning to suprise me again

oh look, she says, it's 5 PM and the sun hasn't quite set yet

When it comes to longer days, there's a lot to be said for short term memory.  You're always surprised at something that happens every damn year.  Aint it grand.

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Paper vs. Plastic Thursday 13

New Thursday 13

1)Tried to connect with our local phone company about a simple question, and I was told online that if I wanted the answer I'd have to join the online happy family of phone users.  And if I did that our paper copy would no longer be coming in the mail, and all of our business would be done over the computer.   Not a chance.

It does seem a very large step to take,  just to ask a simple question about a bill item.

2) There was a time when your doctor's office would call to remind you personally about an upcoming visit.  Now we are barraged with automated swoopy voice reminders that end with "press one for yes and press two for no".  I think it's those strange robotic voices patched together that does it.  It's very creepy, like an out-of-sync  Greek Chorus. 

3) And after the visit (they only remind  you three times, isn't that nice) they auto dial you again to THANK you for coming and would you mind taking our quick online survey?  Yes, I would mind. click.

4)Annnd two days later they call again to remind you that your next appointment will be in six months...

5) They now call around 5 PM to thank us for visiting their office, and remind us that they are there for us.

6)They call three days ahead of our appointments, to remind  us that they will be calling us in three days to remind  us...most of this, understand, is robotic, so that you don't dare  hang up because you might miss something REALLY important.  And sure enough, just as you're settling in to supper, the office calls you to remind you that your appointment is tomorrow, etc etc...and if you do hang up they will call you back so that you can press 2 to end this call.

7) Every doctor's office now has a "portal" that you sign into, with your terribly seekrit password,  so you can have  a secure way to view your records.  If only it worked.  They still send you your records through the mail, but I suppose this is a way of ensuring that no one, including you, will be able to access all those records.

8) We share a physician.  We each have a portal to his office. However, only one of us can use it, since we also share an email address, and that isn't allowed.  Sigh.  I suppose it would be even more impressive if it worked at all.

9) The pharmacy also has a Fake Cheery Voice that reminds you that your prescription is ready, but when you rush down to pick it up you get that fisheye look and they say, um, not for a week.

10) My husband  had to go into the hospital a while back for a possible problem that he didn't have, and the day after he got home they called to remind him to take his meds and that he had an appt. in a month to see the attending physician.  Which he did not have, nor did he have medication to take.

11) They called him again later to suggest he might like to MAKE an appointment and he said, probably not. It's a nearly two hour drive. I don't THINK so.

 12) The dentist's office sends an email to me after every visit, asking if I'd like to take the survey. Not really.  If you ignore it, they send it again, until you do answer it. They really really want to know.

13).  Doctors now have begun massing together in 'doctor's parks' which resemble a warren of badly laid out low income housing.  Sometimes ten or more doctors, each in their own separate building,  spread out over several acres and unmarked driveways that lead to other driveways.  There is, however, only one way in, or out.

I realize that a lot of this is age-related and they want to make sure the old and fuddly don't end up drinking the bathsalts instead of their meds, but still...

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

you can't make this stuff up

When we first moved up here we rapidly acquired a truck, a dog, and a trailer. Eventually the trailer got left behind when we moved into the house.  I taught myself to drive the truck, and eventually his 1968 Pontiac.  The driver's license came much later.

The dog developed an understandable terror (having been nearly struck once) of thunderstorms, and would spend the entire storm  trying to dig  his way into the fireplace, to a Safe Place.  I discovered that the one thing that would calm him was to go for rides during storms.  As long as the wheels were turning, he was a happy dog.

One very hot July night I woke to the sound of distant thunder. Oh, oh, I thought, and there, at 2 AM, was Ralph the dog huddled in the fireplace, trying to escape.  Without thinking I grabbed the dog, and the car keys, and got him safely in the car.  Off we went, on all the back roads, up the Cook Road, down the Berry road, across the Peacham road, for nearly an hour. As long as the car moved, he was cool.

As a kind of shortcut home, I decided to take us down the state  highway and then back to the house. Short and dirty.  It is now 3 AM.  I looked at the gas gauge, and it read  Empty. Oh, dear. Then I realized several things simultaneously. I am wearing only a baby doll nightie. I am barefoot.  I have no purse, no driver's license.  No money. It is 3 AM.  And the dog in the car, who is the kind of dog who guards his home away from home by snarling and snapping at anyone who so much as touches the fender   And my husband, who in those days slept like a drugged monkey,  had no idea I was gone.

It was a solid  8 mile drive, uphill, most of the way.  I kept having visions of that nice state trooper asking me to please step out of the car and Ralph snapping and snarling...and I still go cold over that one...we made it home, the gas gauge on just as empty as it gets, we got  back in the house, and I slid into bed.  The next morning I told him what had happened.    Bless him, all he said was, you were wearing WHAT?

Wednesday, January 17, 2018


He picked up the mail on his way back from the beach.  Even at 78 he was still a good looking,  comfortable seeming man.  Women liked to look at him, wrinkles and all, which amused him no end.
As he strolled, he opened two bills and a letter from home, from a cousin he still kept in touch with. The Baileys tended to keep track of each other, it was a large family, and the web reached into four countries and two continents.

She wrote, 'don't know if you've heard it yet, but Tura died last week. We tried to reach you but I guess you were off somewhere.  Not sure how much it matters, it's been, what, 23 years?  But you needed to know, anyway.  She didn't suffer, it was quick, thank the lord.   She's in EastWood, buried next to the boys and your folks.  I enclosed the obituary,  in case you want to keep it, or check it for errors. .."

There was more, but he put it all back in the envelope while he unlocked the door into the coolness of a California air conditioned house, shuttered against the sun, the faint whir of the fans.

Later, after a drink and supper he went for a walk across the complex, waved to a few people he knew, changed his mind about visiting Reno's Bar, came home again.  At midnight he finally realized he couldnt put it off any longer, and shut out the light for sleep.  He knew he'd dream, not all of it good, not all of it bad.  This time, however, he waited for the dream to tell  him how he felt inside.

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Winter Blues

The last time I had bronchitis was 22 years ago, when I dragged myself into a walk in clinic, at 9 pm.  I was so sick I didn't even want a cigarette. The nurse said, 'take a deep breath" and the best i could do was a little squeaky thing.  "erk".   "Wait right here," she said, and came back with three prescriptions.

Walking pneumonia, she said. Go home,  stop smoking.  Never had another cigarette, but I spent the next month sleeping at the kitchen table, tending the stoves (not much changes),  and reading.  And learning to not smoke.

This time another new walk in clinic,  and three prescriptions (not much changes)  and this time I managed to give this to my husband too (generous woman that I am) and  I am exploring the mysteries of inhalers and such.  We may live.

I'm not sure if being surrounded by children for six hours on Christmas Day is worth the fallout.

However, I have progressed from sleeping 18 hours a day to sleeping 4 or 5.  The stoves are happy to see me, and I no longer feel as if Im wearing earplugs. Nor do my ears shriek when I cough.  Life, if not perfect, is getting better.

And the days, they're getting longer all the time.  There is that.

So much for Driver's Ed

This is just chilling, when you really think about the possibilities:

Driverless cars

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Monday, January 8, 2018

Saturday, January 6, 2018

Nap time on a cold winter's day

It's been that kind of week...